We are a beautiful community of women who are passionate about creating an enabling and encouraging environment for all women to thrive in the Technology space.

Because She Can is on a mission to encourage and empower women and girls to excel in technology disciplines and roles.


We are introducing you to a family of women who are concerned about your holistic development from career to professional growth. We have your best interests at heart.


We present to you all-year round mentorship where you get to interact with women in the Technology field. Regardless at whatever stage you find yourself, you have access to all levels of mentorships, whether one-on-one, peer etc.

Training Opportunities

You are exposed to training opportunities available to you in the industry of Technology. We help you identify your right fit in the world of Tech and give you the platform to learn as much as you can.

A membership that takes you from one phase of
your career in Tech to a better one

There is a place for everyone in this community. We appreciate diversity and inclusion and whether you are starting your career in tech, transitioning
or an established woman, we have benefits curated just for you.

Development focused

We ensure that your tech career and personal development is moving from one phase to a better one.


We are a community of women, you can easily reach out to with no protocols involved.


We are a community that is willing to expose the struggles women face in the tech industry and guide them to tackle one problem at a time.

You are welcome. Membership is free.